What’s cooking at Bank House this summer….


Bank House is proud to sponsor the Festival Too and King’s Lynn Festival.

We are very excited about the festivals as Bank House sits at the heart, both geographically and in spirit.

Find out more below about what the events have install over the entire month of July.

17th & 18th June: Hanseatic ski race on the river

20-24 June: Ascot afternoon tea – study the form with a glass of chilled Prossecco

1st July: FestivalToo: Bootleg Bee Gees in King’s Staithe Square with fireworks

2nd July: 1pm – 5pm: Dixie Mix concert. Free in King’s Staithe Square – brought to you by Bank House and Your Local Paper.

3rd-16th July: Wimbledon afternoon tea: Complete with ping pong table! Our classic afternoon tea with strawberries and a glass of ice cold Pimms £17.50*

16th -29th July: Our ever-popular  afternoon tea with a festival twist £15 *

16th-29th July: 8.30am – noon: Free unlimited tea, coffee and wifi every morning throughout the festival

16th -29th July: Play me Piano FREE Calling all budding pianists!

20th and 27th July: Harry Greene Trio: Late night jazz concert FREE

25th July: Emily Sun Violin taster concert FREE

3rd August: 9pm Federico on guitar FREE

10th September: KL Heritage Day





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